Thursday, April 24, 2008

Adding new scrapbook pages

This is the layout, that is 10 years worth of scrapbooking fun at Pine Valley, Utah with the gals. That is why it is so elaborate, and busy, and I had so much fun creating it!
This layout was of the newborn pictures I took of my first grandson, but the layout was just recently completed.
This is one of my all time favorite layouts. Due to the fact that the subject matter was beautiful and the pictures, taken by Debbi Leavitt were spectacular.
I did not have any paper that would go good with the little plaid shirt, so I came up with the ribbon border sewn on the side. 'So Much' of a cute baby!
Loved this paper with these pictures, taken on Christmas Eve, by Tara Askeroth Leavitt. She is a fabulous photographer.

Please scroll down to look at all scrapbook pages and items posted.
The scrapbook pages above were more recently completed projects.


Tiffany said...

Your scrapbook pages are amazing. I wish I was that good at scrapbooking, but I just don't have the natural talent for it I guess! I love the pages of Caleb that you made.

camille said...

Wow, you truly have a gift. I'm like you and have to be doing something creative all the time!... I hope you don't mind my browsing your blog... Just wanted to let you know you are very talented!

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